Beyond Amenities: Why Vibe is the Secret Weapon in Hotel Marketing


The hospitality industry is a crowded marketplace. Travellers are bombarded with choices, from budget chains to luxury retreats. So, how do you stand out from the pack? While amenities like plush beds and rainfall showers are important, a hotel’s vibe – the overall atmosphere and experience it creates – is becoming an increasingly crucial factor in swaying guest decisions.

A 2023 TripAdvisor study found that 78% of travellers consider a hotel’s overall atmosphere when making a booking decision and reviews specifically mentioning the word “vibe” were up by over 1,000% in 2023 on

Still not convinced? Here’s why your hotel’s vibe matters:

It helps to build an emotional connection

Travel is more than just visiting a place; it’s about feeling something. A hotel’s vibe taps into emotions, creating a sense of anticipation, relaxation, or even adventure. A millennial couple seeking a romantic getaway might prioritise a boutique hotel with an intimate feel and curated art collection, while a family with young children might be drawn to a resort with a vibrant, playful atmosphere.

It helps to create memorable moments

We remember experiences, not just places. A hotel’s vibe sets the stage for lasting memories. Picture a stylish rooftop bar with panoramic city views, perfect for sipping cocktails with friends. Or, imagine a tranquil spa with calming music and natural light, ideal for unwinding after a day of sightseeing. These sensory experiences contribute significantly to a guest’s overall impression.

It encourages travellers to share their stories

Today’s travellers are storytellers. They share their experiences on social media, and a hotel with a unique vibe presents fantastic photo and video opportunities. A lobby adorned with vintage furniture and quirky artwork creates an Instagram-worthy moment, attracting guests who crave shareable experiences.

So, how can hoteliers leverage vibe in their marketing strategy?

1. Define your vibe

The first step is to clearly define the vibe you’re aiming for. Is it elegant and sophisticated? Relaxed and bohemian? Family-friendly and fun? Be specific and ensure every aspect of the hotel, from the décor to the music to the staff’s interactions, reflects this chosen vibe.

2. Invest in your visuals

People are visual creatures. 95% of hotel guests report that imagery and video are the most important factors in their decision-making process when booking a hotel. Invest in high-quality hotel photography and videography that capture the essence of your hotel’s vibe. Showcase the ambience of the lobby, the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant, and the unique features that contribute to your chosen feeling. Utilise professional photography and videography or leverage user-generated content that aligns with your vibe.

3. Tell your story through your marketing

Don’t just tell people about your amenities; tell them a story about the experience they can have at your hotel. Craft compelling marketing messages that speak to the emotions and aspirations of your target audience. For example, a hotel with a “creative retreat” vibe could showcase artists working in the lobby or offer writing workshops for guests.

4. Be targeted

Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailor your marketing messages to different platforms and audiences. Use social media to reach younger travellers seeking trendy vibes, while travel blogs might be a better fit for promoting a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere.

5. Embrace authenticity

Don’t force a vibe that doesn’t fit your hotel’s identity. Authenticity is key. Highlight your hotel’s unique history, local connections, or architectural style to create an organic and memorable atmosphere.

Summing up

In today’s competitive landscape, travellers are no longer just looking for a place to sleep. They seek an experience that aligns with their travel goals and aspirations. By crafting a distinct and appealing vibe, hotels can differentiate themselves and attract guests seeking a specific emotional connection. By focusing on vibe and weaving it seamlessly into their marketing strategy, hotels can turn themselves into more than just an accommodation – they can become a destination.

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