History Buffs’ Guide to Oslo: Exploring the Past


Norsk Folkemuseum. Credit: Lisa Schmidt/Unsplash

Oslo is an excellent space for history buffs, with plenty of historical sites and museumsto explore. The attractions offer a glimpse into Oslo’s culture and history coursing back to ancient times through to modern history. 

Here are our top picks on the places history buffs can explore. They can also opt for a cultural tour and learn about Norwegian culture.

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum)

Take a tour of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, which offers a glimpse into how people lived in Norway since the 16th century. Settled in gorgeous surroundings, the open-air museum is a great place to explore historic buildings. What’s more – visitors can check out the historic furniture, clothing, silverware, and more.

The Fram Museum

How about exploring one of the strongest wooden ships? You may want to visit the Fram Museum, where you can board the ship. Once aboard, you can watch the crew and soak in how their dogs survived in the coldest and most dangerous places on the earth – the Arctic and the Antarctic. Yet another exciting area is the polar simulator at the Fram Museum where you can experience the cold and the dangers of polar expeditions from over a hundred years ago.

Emanuel Vigeland Museum

At times the lesser-known attractions hold a treasure chest and that’s what you will experience at the Emanuel Vigeland Museum. It’s a fascinating museum featuring the work of sculptor Emanuel Vigeland. Visitors will love to revel in the main attraction, which is the dimly lit, fresco-covered mausoleum, known for its eerie and powerful atmosphere.

The Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House. Credit: Alexandra von Gutthenbach-Lindau/Pixabay

Don’t miss out on visiting The Oslo Opera House, which seamlessly blends cutting-edge architecture with deep cultural significance. Designed by the renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, visitors will enjoy the inviting public space where they can walk on the roof and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the Oslo fjord.

The Resistance Museum (Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum)

The Resistance Museum (Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum) at Akershus Fortress offers a glimpse into Norway’s domestic World War II history. Visitors can stroll around learning from the exhibits comprising detailed re-created versions of occupation in the forms of models, documents, pictures, and more.

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