5 Springtime Activities to Do in Oslo


Nordmarka, Oslo. Credit: Pixabay/AlexvonGutthenbach-Lindau

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Springtime in Oslo is perfect for adventure-seekers, with both indoor and outdoor escapades to choose from. A fitting Nordic expression for sports that sets the culture’s tone with the spirit of determination and camaraderie is “Samlingsånd.” This translates to “team spirit” in English. It symbolizes unity, collaboration, and shared enthusiasm, making it a perfect phrase to capture the Nordic approach to sports, indoor and outdoor activities.

Get Involved in the Famous Holmenkollen Ski Festival

The Holmenkollen Ski Festival is the ultimate winter sports gathering that goes down every year in March. It’s a big deal in the skiing universe. Athletes from all over gather to demonstrate their stuff, including epic ski jumps, heart-pounding cross-country showdowns, and a whole lot of Nordic magic. It’s the kind of festival that puts Oslo on the map as the go-to for sports.

Swing into Tranquility at Bærum Golf Club

Accessing the course might be challenging via public transport, but once you step onto the fairways, the views and hills make it a journey well worth taking. The course is seen by pros as a moderate challenge, with its hilly terrain requiring players to be in good shape. The club’s facilities, including a well-stocked pro shop and a clubhouse, make you feel like you are on the green with the pros ready to make the game more interesting.

We love the consistently well-maintained grounds, from mid-fast greens to fairways that are in excellent condition. It’s also the perfect setting to unwind, and catch up on your latest fave podcasts, Eliteserien odds, trending news and maybe laugh at the odd cat video or two.

The Legacy of EKT Riding School in Oslo

For a more chilled connection with nature, we can’t get over the urban farm charm of EKT Husdyrpark. Here, animals roam freely, smack in the middle of the city at Husdyrpark. The EKT Riding School, a piece of Oslo’s history since 1952, has horse riding courses and therapeutic experiences. With every trot and canter, you’ll experience an adrenaline rush and tactical skill, as well as going with your intuition.

Trailblaze in Kayaks Down the Akerselva River

Get ready to paddle and packraft through the heart of Oslo along the captivating Oslo Fjord. It’s a backstage pass to the city’s water adventures, ending with a sauna session at Tjuvholmen. The tour around the Oslo Fjord teaches us more about the historic Akershus Fortress, followed by a stroll through the green paradise of Frogner Park.

We promise it’s not your average park stroll. Inside Frogner, is the Vigeland Park – a jaw-dropping sight with 200 sculptures and a beautiful fountain.

Thrills and Tandems at Oslo Parachute Club

The Oslo Parachute Club is your go-to hub for skydiving and adrenaline-pumping extreme sports. This club isn’t just about jumping out of planes; they’re all about spreading their wings, offering lessons for aspiring skydivers, organizing cool activities that elevate the thrill factor, and even rocking tandem jumps for those who want to leap with a pro. These daredevils at the Oslo Parachute Club make around 15,000 jumps every single year. And about 650 of those jumps are by first-timers, folks taking their very first plunge into the wild blue yonder.

Oslo’s Wildlife Wonderland in Nordmarka

With the help of a local, an experience of a trek through broad patches, hoping to spot foxes, beavers, and maybe even a moose or two awaits. Two pit stops at cozy cottages, Skjennungen and Ullevålseter, is where we suggest getting coffee and pastry break – a hiker’s dream. Keep an eye out for eagles and hares as you make your way to the geographic center of Oslo, right in the mouth of the forest. The hike finishes up at Sognsvann; with a metro back to Jernbanetorget to complete the journey. Just throw on those hiking shoes, and get ready to roll.

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