Best Camping Trails Near Oslo for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Credit: Pexels/Snapwire

Camping is a great way to soak in the wonders of nature. In Oslo, the campsites are a delight, and guests can experience a wonderful blend of adventure and tranquillity. Whether you are a seasoned camper or a first-timer, Oslo has something ideal for you to embrace the outdoor experience. Here are some of our top picks of campsites in and around Oslo.

Camping at Langøyene island

For a free and rustic camping experience head to the Langøyene island where you can camp on the island. The North side of the Island has dedicated camping areas. Campers can light fires and enjoy some great family time in nature.

Ekeberg Camping

Ekeberg forest. Credit: Pixabay/mespelid

For campers vying for a serene camping experience set amidst stunning views of the city, Ekeberg Camping is just the place for you. Located close to Oslo’s city center, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a comfortable stay. Guests can park their camper, caravan or tent and enjoy easy access to urban amenities and attractions. For a hassle-free experience, guests can book the new glamping tents in advance.


How about countless opportunities for wild camping and hiking? If this excites you, head to Østmarka and Lillomarka, where you can find a good spot for hiking and camping with a tent. You must also try anchoring a hammock and spending time in the great outdoors – before proceeding back to exciting sightseeing opportunities in and around the Oslo city.

Bogstad Camp & Turistsenter

Travel to the northeastern part of the city to Bogstad Camp & Turistsenter, an amazing campsite located near the beautiful Bogstad Lake and next to a large golf course. The campsite is family-friendly and a great spot for avid campers. Visitors will love to indulge in various recreational activities, including swimming, fishing, and hiking, and also avail the modern facilities for a comfortable stay.

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