A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Ads For Hotels


In this article, we will explore effective strategies to boost your hotel’s presence on Instagram, comprising both essential tactics and creative methods. Before we talk about Instagram Ads let’s talk about a few essentials to make your property’s page stand out and try tips to grab attention.

The Instagram Essentials:

1) Share Photos of Your Hotel:

Capitalize on the visual appeal of your hotel by sharing high-quality photos. From exquisite food offerings to beautifully decorated rooms, showcase the unique aspects of your establishment. Invest in professional photography to make a lasting impression on your audience.

2) Run Contests:

Engage your audience by running contests with clear goals. Whether it’s gaining followers, increasing engagement, or building your email list, contests can generate buzz around your hotel. Ensure the prize is relevant and enticing, such as a complimentary stay, to encourage participation.

3) Add Relevant Tags to Photos:

Enhance the discoverability of your content by incorporating relevant hashtags. Experiment with the number of tags and use popular, short hashtags to maximize engagement. TrackMaven suggests that posts with 11 or more tags receive the highest engagement.

4) Share Quotes:

Leverage the popularity of quotes on social media by sharing catchy or inspirational travel quotes. Create a connection with your audience through non-promotional content that resonates with their interests.

The Innovative Hits:

1) Display Fan-generated Instagram Content on Your Website:

Harness the power of social proof by featuring user-generated content on your hotel’s website. Repost images from guests on your Instagram account and redirect traffic to your website, where potential guests can view a collection of social proof.

2) Influencer Marketing:

Collaborate with Instagram influencers in your niche to extend your reach. Partner with influencers who align with your target audience and have them create compelling content showcasing their experience at your hotel.

3) Share Tips:

Differentiate your hotel by providing valuable and helpful content. Share tips related to recipes, local specialties, home décor, or other relevant topics. Consider creating short videos to showcase these tips and stand out from the competition.

4) Share Video Testimonials:

Enhance credibility by sharing video testimonials from satisfied guests. Run contests to encourage guests to submit video testimonials, showcasing their positive experiences at your hotel.

Instagram Ads Best Practices:

1) Know the Format:

Familiarize yourself with the various ad formats on Instagram, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and marquee ads. Choose the format that aligns with your marketing goals and tells your hotel’s story effectively.

2) Post Stunning Content:

Create visually appealing and authentic content that seamlessly blends with users’ feeds. Avoid overly promotional content and focus on storytelling to capture your audience’s attention.

3) Use Call To Action:

Include clear and compelling calls to action in your ads. Encourage users to take specific actions like booking a room, exploring amenities, or learning more about your hotel.

4) Improve your Targeting:

Leverage Instagram’s advanced targeting features to reach your desired audience. Experiment with different targeting options to enhance the relevance of your ads and improve booking rates.

In the era of digitally savvy travelers, a strong social media presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, is essential for hoteliers. Embracing the potential of this dynamic platform is crucial, as today’s travelers are avid digital enthusiasts. By leveraging captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and strategic messaging, hotels can not only expand their reach but also effectively drive an increased number of direct bookings through the vibrant and engaging landscape of Instagram.

This article originally appeared on the STAAH blog here and is reproduced with their permission.

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