You’ve been waiting so long for this day and finally your dreams will come true.


Bogdan Nowak, a marathon runner of Gwardia Olsztyn, needed 11 years to run 67,756 kilometers. Then… he kept running.

“(…) I came to Gwardia and track and field by accident. Like every young person, I wanted to do something interesting. Coach Zdzisław Majchrowicz took care of me. I was trying to jump into the long jump. I even had a good technique, but I was not predisposed to this competition. I was making no progress. However, coach Majchrowicz gave me reliable general preparation, without any problems, so I changed my name to a runner in Kazimierz Podolak’s group and started training the obstacle. It was better here and I knew I could achieve better results than in the long jump.

In 1976, my club mate, Henryk Więzik, who started in marathons, persuaded me to participate in the 42km 195m race. I started the preparations 2 months before the start, because so far the longest distance I have covered in the competition was 5 km. I knew that running a marathon was a big risk for me, but I was tempted to try. I really wanted to finish the marathon. Because I wanted to see if I can do it. I also wanted to prove that by starting in the marathon, I would find my best competition.

I remember the finish line marking the end of the marathon to this day. When I got behind her, I cried because at last the ordeal was over. When I finished, Henryk Więzik patted me on the shoulder. There was everything in this gesture, no words were needed. Even so, I told myself that I would never run a marathon again. In the evening at a joint dinner, when I had already rested, I was more and more inclined to change my decision. After returning to Olsztyn, I knew that I would not quit the marathons. ”

(Bogdan Nowak)

For me personally, it has taken 12 years since I took my first running step. It is by no means a period of work to complete the royal distance! I was just focused on other needs. Everyone has a path.

So don’t be influenced by others, listen to yourself and see through the prism of your running history. If it lasts a long time, and you have a great desire to face the legendary distance, you are curious what is magic about it, just don’t wait and do it! Take the challenge and you won’t regret it!

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