Running training is not only about running


For our readers, we have another, very interesting material by Jurek Skarżyński, in which he draws attention to an extremely valuable element of training – stretching gymnastics, which even an experienced runner should always remember!

Jurek Skarżyński: I have always urged you to actively run … After all, it is a fashion that would last forever – for the health of runners. A common association regarding the training of runners is the need to complete the appropriate number of kilometers. Depending on the amount of time spent on training, runners cover them from several to several dozen. Advanced marathon runners, for example, run 40 km, or 40 km long sections, and there are also some who are not afraid of even 60 km in training. You can and yes, but with your head!

Well, each running training unit, regardless of its length and intensity, causes a decrease in the flexibility of the muscular system after its completion. The muscles and their attachments become less flexible, which in consequence may cause – in the absence of counteraction – a shortened stride and deterioration of the running technique. In addition, there is a decrease in general strength, and hence it is only a small step to overload of the motor system, excluding us from training injuries.

About breaking boundaries in the marathon.

Wojtek Szota: In my opinion, the article presented below is the essence of endurance training. I have always recommended it to people who want to improve their results. I am very happy that thanks to the kindness of Paweł Zach (rec. Live – 2:32:24) we can introduce you to its content.

Paweł Zach: I have a friend who ran for many years, but couldn’t overcome the 3:30 barrier in the marathon. He had run for many years, but the marathon failed to run faster than in a normal jog. OK, jogging the marathon is also a success. If you run regularly and your training comes down to a long jog and you have reached a level that is hard for you to beat, and all your starts end up getting closer to your personal best, these words are probably meant for you. Especially if you would like to improve your results.

wa Witek: Patrząc z boku na bieganie początkujących amatorów, spotykamy się z problemami, które nam, wyczynowym biegaczom, wydają się być obce. Na kursach poznajemy teorię, w klubach – praktykę, ale praktykę od razu na wysokim poziomie, „z górnej półki”. Początki wyczynowego biegacza, w klubie, są proste: jest klub, trener, mówi ile i jak biegać. Nikt się nie zastanawia, po co, dlaczego. Nikt nie poddaje się zmęczeniu i nie rozczula się nad sobą, bo są koledzy, którzy też trenują i oceniają. Powstaje rywalizacja, na podstawowym poziomie.

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