Introducing GuestRadar: A Cutting-Edge Market Intelligence Tool for Hoteliers


GuestRadar is an innovative and powerful market intelligence tool that provides hoteliers with predictive travel trends and comprehensive information about travelers visiting their destinations. The interactive dashboard features insights such as budget, preferred booking channels, planned length of stay, age, and more.

Offering a free-forever version with limited insights and data control features, GuestRadar uses the same live data feed as the paid version. It is currently available in the Maldives, Seychelles, Indonesia, and Vietnam, with upcoming expansions to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Cuba, and Mexico. Hoteliers can request to add their destination on the GuestRadar website.

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Predictive insights that make hotel marketer’s jobs a breeze

The platform makes it extremely easy is identify lucrative market segments. It only takes a few clicks to filter data by budget, travel month, and ADR. To demonstrate how GuestRadar works, we will use it to answer a frequently asked hotel marketing question: how can we get more direct bookings for next month?

Step 1: Open the real-time dashboard

Your dashboard gets data from 20+ data sources and updates every 15 minutes. Every chart cross-filters the other charts, making it very simple to slice and filter the available data.

Step 2: Click on the month to filter down to travelers planning to arrive to your destination

GuestRadar 2

Now you will only see the data relevant to your selection. You will immediately see the ADR, median hotel budget, and median length of stay for your selected month. On the bottom left table, your markets will be sorted by ADR, so you can see which markets are the most lucrative. Using the data control sliders on the top control bar, you can filter down to your hotel’s price range, so you will only see the segments that are relevant to your hotel. To filter down to people who intend to book directly, click on the “Direct” slice of the “Preferred booking channel” pie chart.

Step 3: Click on the booking channel you want to analyze, in our case, it’s “direct”

Once you click on direct, you will only see data from travelers planning to visit your destination in your selected month. Notice that we extended the date range as we are analyzing a relatively small segment of the entire dataset. To remain statistically correct, we recommend observing a larger sample size.

GuestRadar 3

There are plenty of insights we can read out from the dashboard. People who plan to travel next month by booking directly with the hotel, are traveling for vacation or honeymoon, mostly couples and families. Top markets include the US, UAE, UK, Spain, and Germany, with the US having the highest ADR but a lower demand. Most travelers are below 36 years, while more senior travelers are willing to pay significantly more per night. Key hotel selection influences are friends and family, Instagram, Tiktok, travel agents, and OTA search.

This information is sufficient to create precisely targeted strategies, and digital marketing campaigns targeting the above-outlined audiences on the highlighted platforms.

About the company

GuestRadar is a product by Daniel Diosi & Partners, a data, analytics, and marketing-focused company specializing in the hotel sector. It was developed as an internal tool for a global hotel chain in 2019. Due to financial constraints, the project halted, but former employees teamed up to recreate a similar predictive market intelligence system available for every hotel at an accessible price point. The startup is based in Malta, purposefully designed to be as lean and resource-efficient as possible. With a very high level of business process automation and utilization of AI, GuestRadar aims to bring reliable market intelligence to the hospitality industry without the typical burdens and financial pressure of large traditional corporations.

Continuous innovation

GuestRadar delivers cutting-edge market intelligence technology to hoteliers by consolidating data from over 20 big-data sources and providing insights for the next 12 months. Upcoming features include monitoring domestic markets and detailed breakdowns of travel trends from cities and regions within each market. New updates will be available to subscribers at no additional cost.

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