The Crossfit Games 2022 Results are in: Who Won?


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The Crossfit Games 2022 have come to a close and the winners have been crowned! This year’s competition was fierce, and the athletes put on an amazing show. In the end, there were three champions: men’s division, women’s division, and team division. Here is a recap of the Crossfit Games 2022 results!


Tia-Clair Toomey once again captured her sixth CrossFit Games title, surpassing Mat Fraser for most of all time. Meanwhile, on men’s side, Justin Medeiros became the sixth person to ever win multiple titles joining Toomey, Fraser, Rich Froning Jr., and Annie Thorisdottir.

Justin Medeiros didn’t start off as the leader, at the start of Days 2 and Day 3, Australian Ricky Garard was on top of the competition. But during Day 3, Medeiros out-performed Garrard, as well as Roman Khrennikov, Lazar Dukic, and Patrick Vellner. Once Medeiros took the leadership he continued strong.

Justin Medeiros is now one of just six individual athletes to win the CrossFit Games more than once.

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr’s performance at this year’s games was not what you would call flawless. Starting off strong, she surprisingly ended up in eighth place after Day One and 23rd after the third event. Her perseverance paid off as she finished off Day 2 in third place, Day 3 in the first place, and held the title until the end of the competition.


Roman Khrennikov’s performance at the Games was nothing short of amazing. The Russian athlete came in second place after four years of trying to receive a visa to get into the country and compete, proving that he is just as good if not better than any other competitor here today.

Ricky Garard’s return to competition was met with much fanfare, as he took bronze in his second overall Games appearance. However, it wasn’t without controversy; following a positive drug test for 4 years which resulted from banned performance-enhancing substances being detected within his system after all – Ricky was being stripped away any chance at an award or medal. But now that Australia has welcomed back its top-notch athlete into Olympic circles, he has defied their expectations.

Outside of the top three, the front end of the leaderboard was dominated by the veterans such as Samuel Kwant, Jeffery Adler, Patrick Vellner, and Jayson Hopper.

Going into next season there are a couple of young competitors worth attention – Guilhermes Malheiros (10th) and Saxon Panchick (11th).

Crossfit Games 2022 Individual Results



  1. Tia-Clair Toomey [Australia] — 1,158 points | 2022 Fittest Woman on Earth®
  2. Mallory O’Brien [USA] — 1,045 points
  3. Laura Horvath [Hungary] — 981 points
  4. Danielle Brandon [USA] — 937 points
  5. Brooke Wells [USA] — 904 points
  6. Emma Lawson [Canada] — 893 points
  7. Kara Saunders [Australia] — 890 points
  8. Gabriela Migala [Poland] — 868 points
  9. Haley Adams [USA] — 867 points
  10. Alexis Raptis [USA] — 859 points

CrossFit Games


  1. Justin Medeiros [USA] — 1,184 points | 2022 Fittest Man on Earth®
  2. Roman Khrennikov [Russia] — 1,157 points
  3. Ricky Garard [Australia] — 1,068 points
  4. Samuel Kwant [USA] — 975 points
  5. Jeffrey Adler [Canada] — 950 points
  6. Patrick Vellner [Canada] — 892 points
  7. Jayson Hopper [USA] — 887 points
  8. Lazar Dukic [Serbia] — 850 points
  9. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson [Iceland] — 841 points
  10. Guilherme Malheiros [Brazil] — 831 points

2022 Crossfit Games Team Results

  1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (1,052 points)
  2. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue (987 points)
  3. CrossFit Invictus (951 points)
  4. CrossFit Reykjavík (937 points)
  5. CrossFit Mayhem Independence (804 points)


What to expect next year?

The Crossfit Games are the biggest and most popular Crossfit competition in the world. Every year, athletes from all over the globe compete in a variety of challenges to see who is the fittest of them all. The competition is intense and often very close, with athletes giving everything they have to win.

The Crossfit Games 2022 are now over, and the athletes who competed are already thinking about what they need to do to win next year. This was an exciting year for the Crossfit Games, with many new challenges and obstacles that the athletes had to face. We saw some amazing performances from both the veterans and the newcomers to the Crossfit Games.

First, we can expect to see even more athletes competing in the Crossfit Games. The number of athletes has been increasing every year and I believe that this trend will continue. This is great news for the sport of Crossfit and will only make the competition more fierce.

Second, we can expect to see even better performances from the athletes. With the number of athletes increasing, there will be more pressure on them to perform at their best. This will result in better training and preparation from the athletes, which will lead to even better performances.

Lastly, we can expect the Crossfit Games to continue to grow in popularity. This is a great thing for the sport as it will bring more attention and exposure. This will only help to grow the sport even more.

The Crossfit Games are always evolving, with new challenges and obstacles being added each year. This makes it hard to predict what will happen at next year’s competition. However, we can be sure that the athletes will be even more prepared than they were this year and that the competition will be even more intense. So make sure you tune in to watch the Crossfit Games next year, it is sure to be an exciting event.

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