Best Chest Workout for Male and female at Home and Gym Academy


While some people are looking for a workout at home or at the gym to lose excess pounds, others want to gain a more muscular, defined, and strengthened body. And one of the parts of the body that can not be left out of this process of definition, strengthening, and muscular volume is the pectoral

However, to develop this region you need to put together training with the appropriate exercises. But what would they be? We select below just some of the best chest workouts at home.

how to workout chest at Home and Gym?

Before checking the selection, you must know that it has not been organized in order of preference or efficiency.

Best Chest Workout at Home and Gym

1. Straight bench press

male chest workout at home with dumbbell

This is one of the classic chest workouts for men. It mainly works the pectoralis, however, it reaches secondary to the anterior deltoid and triceps muscles. Using the bar on the lift allows more power to be generated.
In addition, it is possible to have greater control in the lifting motion of the bar than when using heavy dumbbells. This is the best male chest workout at home.

How to do it: lie down on a straight bench. The knees should be flexed, feet firmly on the support or floor, back slightly arched and glutes well stabilized on the bench. Pick up the bar with your hands positioned at a distance greater than the width of the shoulders. Remove the weight from the holder by holding it in the chest line with your elbows extended.

The next step is to lower the bar to the chest in a controlled manner with the fists straight, moving the elbows flexed downwards. Take a short pause and push the bar up. The force of the movement must be in the chest, not in the arms. During this step, the shoulders should be kept back and the shoulder blades should remain fixed on the seat.

When finalizing your repetitions, carefully return the bar to the holder. It is advisable to have someone accompany you during the bench press.

2. Straight dumbbell press weight workouts

dumbbell-bench-press-chest-workout with weights

With the use of dumbbells, each side of the body works independently. This triggers more stabilizing muscles, supporting the joints and facilitating muscle strengthening and growth. Non-strengthening of these muscles can alter the pattern of movement, which favors the onset of the injury.
Although they are more difficult to control than the bar, dumbbells allow the range of motion, both in the upper and lower part of the exercise, to be longer.

The dumbbell bench press workout for the middle chest.

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How to do: Sit on a straight bench with a dumbbell on each of the thighs. With the aid of the legs, raise the weights while laying the body back, firmly supporting the back and glutes on the bench. With your elbows extended, hold a dumbbell lying in each hand, the footprint should be with your thumbs facing inward. One should be close to the other, with both at chest height.

The next step is to lower the dumbbells in a controlled manner, making the elbow flexion movement until the loads reach chest height. During the execution of this part, lengthen the muscles of the chest.

Then, push the weights up, leaving one dumbbell close to the other until the elbows are extended. The force must be concentrated in the muscles of the chest. Only the arms should rise, the shoulders should be held back.

At the end of the exercise, rotate the dumbbells and rest them on the legs, returning to sit. Finally, place the dumbbells on the floor safely.

3. Basic flexion chest workouts for men without weight

chest workout at home without weight

Push-ups are one of the best chest exercises without any weight that help build the pectoral muscles and work the muscles of the arms and shoulders, strengthening the upper body as a whole. Push-ups are the best male chest workout at home.

How to do it: It is started in the four positions on the floor or top of a mat or mat on the floor. The hands are separated and aligned with the upper chest, while the legs are extended backward and the feet held together.

The next step is to form a board with the body, leaving the back straight and in line with the legs. The neck and head should stand up and the spine muscles should be contracted for the body to stabilize.

Then it’s time to lower yourself slowly, bend your elbows, and inhale. Then, with the biceps and chest contracted, return to the starting position, without forgetting to expire at the time of the climb.

If you are a beginner and have difficulty exercising, you can flex your knees on the floor until you gain the strength to perform as shown in the picture above.

4. Inclined bending chest workout for women at home

female chest workout at home

Another way to work your chest workout muscles without using weights is to make this advanced version of basic flexion: bent flexion. To perform it, it is necessary to have the aid of a piece of furniture such as a bench, table, or chair to support the hands, leaving the body inclined. It’s also the best workout for the chest at home.

How to do it: lie down on your stomach in front of the furniture and put your hands on it. The palms should be against the furniture at a distance slightly greater than the width of the shoulders and the elbows should be extended. This will make the body tilted, as in the photo. The toes should be resting on the floor with the feet apart for a distance approximately corresponding to the width of the hips.

Slowly and continuously, lower the body, bend the elbow, and leave the chest just above the furniture. Extend the arms and return to the original positioning.

5. Single-arm flexion chest workout without weight

arms workout

We now have another variation of the flexion, which this time is performed with one arm only. This strength exercise that drives the pectoral was rated as excellent on the Body Building website, having received the note 8.6 on a scale ranging from zero to 10. It is still defined as compound and intermediate level of difficulty. Singal arms exercises are the popular male chest workout at home and the gym.

How to do it: lie down on your stomach on the floor or an exercise mat. Support the supporting hand on the floor, directly below the shoulder, and fully extend the support arm. Bring the other hand back, palms pointing out.

The legs should be extended and spaced a far greater distance than that of a usual flexion, as the picture above shows. The position should allow the weight of the body to be supported by the toes and the support arm.

The next step is to lower the body, flexing the support elbow until it touches the ground. The descent must be slow. Then, extend the arm and return to the original positioning. Do not forget to keep a good posture throughout the exercise.

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Chest Workout in Gym Academy

These best chest exercises listed from now on require appliances that you will hardly have at home, so they are made mostly in the gym.

6. Inclined bench press with bar chest workout with weight

chest exercise at gym

The bar inclined bench press works the upper major pectoral, the anterior deltoid, and the triceps. When doing the exercise it is important to know that the way the seat is tilted alters the effect of movement.

For example, increasing the inclination causes the focus of the work to be on the upper parts of the chest, but it requires more work from the front of the deltoid than from the chest itself when moving the weight. Already a smaller slope reaches the upper chest without requiring as much of the deltoid.

How to do it: Sit on the inclined bench and steady your feet on the floor or stand. With the back slightly arched, pick up the bar. The distance of the hands should be greater than the width of the shoulders. Remove the weight from the bracket and stabilize it at the chest line with elbows extended.

From the starting position explained above, lower the bar, in a controlled manner and with the straight fists, to the upper part of the pectoral muscles. The movement should be performed by flexing the elbows down while the chest is open.

Take a slight pause and push the weight bar up, with the force concentrated at the top of the chest musculature. Such a step of the exercise should be done with the shoulders back and their shoulder blades fixed on the seat.

After you have finished your reps, return the bar to the holder with care. It is advisable to have someone accompany you while you are performing the incline bench press.

7. Inclined bench press with dumbbells workout for chest


Doing the bench press with dumbbells on the incline bench has the advantage of being able to change the angle of inclination from one series or training to another. This is advantageous because reaching a muscle at different levels contributes to its more complete construction.

This is one of the exercises for the chest that mainly works the upper pectoral upper, but also fires, in the background, the anterior deltoid and the triceps.

It is worth knowing that the angle selected for the exercise affects how the muscles are worked. A 30º to the 45º inclination of the seat backrest to the floor pulls the upper chest more effectively. Larger slopes, starting at 60º, place the work focus on the anterior deltoid.

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How to do: Sit on a bench with a slope between 30º to 45º and support a dumbbell in each of the thighs. Lift the weights with the help of your legs and firm your back on the seat backrest. Hold the dumbbells with your elbows extended. They should be close to each other in the chest line and the footprint should be with the thumbs facing inwards.

The next step is to lower the dumbbells in a controlled manner, moving to flex the elbows downward until the weights are at the height of the upper chest. During this movement, the chest muscles need to be well stretched.

Push the weights upwards, bringing the dumbbells closer until the elbows are extended. The force of the movement should be concentrated in the chest. The shoulders should be snapped back and only the arms should move.
At the end of the exercise, place the dumbbells on the floor safely.

8. Chest in the parallels workout for women

chest exercise at home

It is critical to pay close attention to the exercise technique and make sure you are working the chest and not the triceps. That’s because while keeping the body straight between the parallel bars further triggers the triceps, a slightly forward tilt works the pectoral further.

The slope, however, should not be too high not to overload the shoulders.

How to do it: start by holding the bars with both hands. Palms should point inward and thumbs forward. Then suspend the body with the elbows extended and the torso slightly leaning forward, so that the chest – not the triceps – is hit. Keep the spine straight and shoulders back.

From this position, lower the body slowly, moving into elbow flexion. The movement should be done with the pectoral well elongated. Push the body up again, with the strength of the chest muscles, until the elbows are extended. Hold the contraction a little and repeat the movement.

9. Flying on cable with inclined bench heavy workout at Gym


Here we have an exercise that works the breastplate in isolation and can be inserted into the training. After other movements that use various joints of the body. The use of the cable in the activity allows the tension to be constant throughout the range of movement of the exercise.

In addition to working the chest, this exercise also triggers the shoulders. He has strength as his focus and has an intermediate level of difficulty.

How to do it: Adjust the pulleys at ground level. The lowest possible height on the machine below the trunk. Place a 45º bank inclined between the pulleys. Choose the weight load according to your physical condition and with the help of the trainer.

Then, hold a handle on each of the hands and lie down on the bench. Bring your hands to the arms, leaving them in front of your face.

Bend your elbows slightly to avoid stressing your biceps tendons and lower your arms. Forming a wide arc until you feel a kind of stretching in the chest. During this stage, you must inhale the air and leave the arms static. Since the movement must start from the shoulder joints.

Return the arms to the original positioning, using the same bow used to lower the loads, while exhaling the air and compressing the chest. Hold the position in contraction for one second and repeat the exercise the number of times indicated by the trainer.

10. Pec Deck Chest Workout with weight at the gym

exercise at home

More simple than the flyer that uses cables and dumbbells. The pec deck allows the practitioner to work on a single path of movement. In addition, according to the Body Building site. The exercise-generated activation to the pectoralis major is similar to that promoted by the bench press.

A pec deck is an isolated act of strength, with a focus on the chest area. That presents a beginner level of difficulty.

How to do: Sit on the machine with your back straight in the padding of the equipment. Hold the handles so that the forearms are parallel to the floor. For this to happen, it is necessary to adjust the machine properly. If you find it difficult to do so, ask the academy instructor for help.

Bring the handles to the center slowly, bringing the arms closer and bringing them to the center. while compressing the chest in the middle and exhaling the air. Hold the contraction for one second and slowly return to the original position until the chest is fully elongated while inhaling the air.


The practice of physical activities is something important and healthy for the quality of life. However, it is necessary to take some care and ensure the safety of the training to prevent injuries and injuries due to the workout.

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First of all, it is necessary to have the approval of the doctor. So before you start doing your chest exercises. We suggest that you consult your trusted doctor and check what type of activity you can practice.

It is also very helpful to have a physical education professional accompany you. It helps you put together the best male chest workout at home for your needs, goals, and health, teaches you the right exercise techniques, and can provide immediate relief if any injuries or injuries occur.

On the other hand, we know that not everyone has the money to work out in the gym or hire a personal trainer. That there are people who have just been trained on their own at home with the help of YouTube tutorials.

If this is your situation, be careful to choose good videos, with good explanations given by good professionals. Also, pause and repeat as many times as necessary so that you understand the movements well. This will give you less chance of making a mistake and getting injured.

Should any problem occur, such as pain, injury, or injury, do not delay seeking medical help? As hard as it may seem to be, it’s better to make sure of what it is than to risk being hurt by something more serious.

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