Dancing Through Life


When you’re watching a Broadway play, what do you notice? The signing? The acting? The dancing? What about who is singing, acting, and dancing? Most likely, we, as audience members, tend to watch the main characters. However, when watching a Broadway play, we usually take the ensemble for granted. Broadway dancers bring the music and creativity to shows just as well as the lead roles. But, what does it take to actually be a Broadway dancer? Let’s find out!

Being a Broadway dancer takes a lot of practice. Casting directors want their dancers to be very prepared. That means being proficient in all styles of dance, having a good voice, and being a confident actor, just to name a few. Dancers are required to have a resume that lists their previous roles in other Broadway productions and anything else they have done in the past. Resumes include skills and achievements, so casting directors can see what dancers are capable of. This helps them to cast dancers. Not only that, but dancers can also be cast as understudies for bigger roles in the show. Understudies don’t have a lot of time to prepare for a show, so casting directors have to choose their understudies wisely. When they do, those special ensemble members like to take notes on their character to get ready for future shows. This way, they’re all set for shows where they have to understudy for a bigger role.

Being a dancer on Broadway is a very big deal and is not easy. It is just as difficult and as important as being a lead role. (:

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