Choreography: Watching VS Performing


This past winter, I attended a performance of Swan Lake by the Russian National Ballet. I have only been to a few ballets before, but this one stuck out in particular. While it reminded me of combos and routines I have done in the past, this was a somewhat different experience compared to dancing.

I am used to being on stage, wearing a costume, and having an audience in front of me. This time, I stayed in the audience watching the dancers on stage wearing their costumes. Being on the other side, while knowing what is it like to be the dancer with an audience, was fun. I knew exactly what the dancers were feeling and going through as they practically flew on stage. I could feel the nerves and adrenaline, as well as the passion and excitement as the gracefull dancers did what they do best. When I’m on stage, I feel an abundance of emotions -happiness, relief, fear, etc- so I knew exactly how the performers in front of me felt.

Still, I wasn’t completely feeling just like them. Unlike recitals, I wasn’t running around backstage, stretching in the hallway, or doing a quick change. I stayed sitting in my seat, oblivious almost to what was happening in the wings and dressing rooms. That day was quite different from what I’m used to, but I still enjoyed being able to see just the acts and none of the chaos that probably happened backstage. I had so much fun that day getting a new perspective. (:

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