Revinate now offers Google review publishing for Revinate Surveys


Until now, Revinate Surveys customers have only had the option to enhance their online review presence by publishing guest survey feedback to TripAdvisor. We’re pleased to announce the release of Google review publishing for Revinate Surveys, which provides even more ways to improve ratings and rankings on review channels. Customers can now solicit feedback from guests via a standard post-stay email survey, and collect Google reviews at the same time.

As part of a holistic multi-channel review strategy, you can consider how publishing reviews can help support your hotel’s marketing goals. If you have identified a need for your property to improve results at the top of the funnel, then driving more reviews on Google may help you meet your goals. An increase in review volume and review score helps improve local ranking on Google, so not only will you provide customers more content to help make a decision earlier on in the booking process, but you can also amplify the volume to help increase your hotel’s search rankings.

How does Google review publishing work? It’s incredibly simple for both you and your guests. A guest receives a Revinate Survey from your hotel after her stay. Then, after she fills out your customizable survey questions, she has the opportunity to submit feedback as a Google review. It’s a one-click experience, meaning the review content your guest has already written as part of your survey carries over to the Google review, with no re-writing necessary. If she is signed into a Google account, all she has to do is click “Post” and the review will be automatically published as a Google review. An easy process for your guest means easy results for your hotel!

Stay tuned for more information in the coming month on the topic of Google reviews, including at HITEC where a Google representative will be at the Revinate booth.

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