The Tango Rainbow


Not long ago—fifteen or twenty years—black shoes dominated the dance floors of Milongas all over the world. Yes, you could spy an occasional spot of color, but the current wide variety of colorful shoes and clothes is relatively new. Most of us select our shoe color on the basis of personal preferences, but we are also influenced by what colors represent. The meanings and cultural associations of colors vary around the world and some change over time.

Pink, until the late 1920s was considered a strong color for boys and blue was the delicate choice for young girls. Chinese brides wear red; Indian mourners wear white; purple was the color of Roman royalty; and in the Netherlands they celebrate the Royal House of Orange wearing—orange. Black can be the chic of a “little black dress,” the danger of darkness or somber mourning. Red can be sexy, scary, joyful, bold or exciting. During some fashion seasons, earth tones are IN and during others it’s pastels, neon or the glitter of metallics. The multiple cultural associations and cycles of fashion make color an exciting part of creating your own look.

Kermit the frog sang, “It’s not easy being green” but choosing shoe colors is fun!

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