Major Shift in Hospitality Industry: Emphasis on Direct Booking Channels Post-DMA Regulation


The European Economic Area’s hospitality landscape is experiencing a groundbreaking transformation thanks to the recent changes in regulations brought about by the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

In response, has announced a major update to its contracts with partners in this region, eliminating parity clauses. This pivotal change means that hotels and other establishments can now offer different rates on their direct channels compared to those on

The DMA is all about fostering fair competition and giving consumers more choices within digital markets. By eliminating parity clauses, hotels are no longer bound to offer the same rates across different booking platforms. This newfound flexibility allows hoteliers to present exclusive offers and competitive pricing directly on their websites, enhancing their appeal to potential guests.

While has long argued that rate parity benefits consumers by ensuring consistent pricing and easy access to options, the platform is now aligning with the new regulatory framework. This shift presents hoteliers with an exciting opportunity to leverage their direct booking channels to attract more customers and boost their revenue.

With the shackles of rate parity removed, the importance of direct booking channels has never been greater. Here’s why direct bookings are a game-changer for hoteliers:

Higher Profit Margins: Direct bookings come with lower commission fees compared to those charged by third-party platforms like This means more money in the hotel’s pocket.
Better Customer Relationships: Direct bookings allow hotels to communicate directly with their guests, fostering loyalty and providing opportunities for personalised experiences.
Control Over Pricing and Inventory: Hotels can manage their pricing strategies more dynamically and control their inventory without being restricted by third-party terms.
Enhanced Brand Loyalty: By offering exclusive deals and perks to guests who book directly, hotels can build stronger brand loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Userguest, a trailblazer in hospitality technology, offers a brilliant solution designed to help hoteliers effortlessly maximise their direct booking potential.

Here’s how Userguest can assist in this new regulatory environment:

Personalised Messages and Intelligent Incentives: Userguest’s smart tool uses personalised messages and intelligent incentives to match website visitors’ booking intentions with the hotel’s inventory priorities. This ensures a customised user experience that significantly boosts direct bookings.
Automated Revenue Generation: Userguest’s fully automated tool instantly raises revenue without any extra work for the hotel staff. The system smartly guides visitors to complete their bookings by presenting individualised deals and incentives that meet their needs, thereby increasing occupancy and revenue.
Streamlined Operations: The tool simplifies operations and enhances efficiency by handling the full installation process. Hotels can focus on providing excellent guest experiences while watching their direct bookings increase.
Enhanced Guest Experience: For guests, Userguest offers a 100% personalised booking experience. The tool uses verified social proof to elevate confidence and provides a smooth booking journey, ensuring that guests feel guided and satisfied with their decision to book directly.
Boosted Trust and Credibility: By matching visitors’ needs with business objectives and providing tailored notifications, Userguest builds trust and credibility. Guests understand that the offers presented are precisely what they want, making it easier for them to book directly.
Price Comparison Widget: Userguest’s price comparison widget shows visitors the competitive rates available directly on the hotel’s website compared to third-party platforms. This transparency helps convince guests that booking directly is the best option, thereby increasing direct bookings.
Cost-Effective Solution: Userguest provides access to over 30 intelligent features with a single monthly subscription, equivalent to the cost of an average room night. This reduces third-party costs while boosting direct bookings.

The removal of parity clauses under the DMA regulation marks a new era for the hospitality industry in the European Economic Area. Hotels now have the liberty to offer differentiated pricing on their direct channels, presenting an invaluable opportunity to enhance their direct booking strategies.

Leveraging the advanced tools and solutions provided by Userguest, hoteliers can not only increase their direct bookings and revenue but also build stronger, more meaningful relationships with their guests. As the industry adapts to these regulatory changes, the emphasis on direct booking channels will be a key driver of success and growth.

Embrace the change, seize the opportunity, and watch your direct bookings soar with Userguest!

This post originally appeared on the Userguest blog here and is reproduced with their permission.

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