Fuel Your Creativity at Top Work-Friendly Cafés in Oslo


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Roasting, brewing, and sipping specialty coffee is one experience that guests must enjoy when in Oslo. The coffee scene in the city is exciting, and enthusiasts will find the most vibrant work-friendly cafes that are perfect for the needs of digital nomads. You can work and enjoy the breathtaking sightseeing opportunities in Oslo. Here’s a quick round-up of the best places for coffee and work in the city.


Head to the city’s best coffee spot, where one can experience the most active culture-based meeting place. The venue is a perfect place to enjoy games, experiences and fun. One can find meeting rooms, concert halls, production rooms, and more. Guests will find something for varied tastes and interests from quiz nights, lectures, and seminars, there’s something for every taste. Don’t forget coffee – grab a cup of your favourite brew too! Wait! There’s more – guests will find yummy breakfast and lunch options that are ideal for a quick bite with work.


Scones, bagels, and coffee when working – if that sounds exciting, head to PUST, one of the coziest and nicest cafés in Oslo. The authenticity of the place and the atmosphere is worth experiencing. Moreover, the service is excellent, and the café has a nice selection of baked goods and yummy salads. They have good coffee, so get ready to grab your cup and have a wonderful time.

Stockfleths Prinsens gate

On your vacation, where you wish to work and enjoy a perfect coffee place, one more great spot is Stockfleths Prinsens gate. The coffee shop is split-level with floor-to-ceiling windows, having some good music, great coffee, and awesome gluten-free food options. It’s a good place for meetings and co-working.

Espresso House

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Coffee lovers who crave exceptional coffee must head to Espresso House, a coffeehouse where you will be inspired by their commitment to quality and sustainability. Guests will love this conveniently located coffeehouse, offering great service, fantastic coffees, and delicious pastries and desserts.

Oslo has plenty of great work-friendly cafes, one can find fantastic coffees and some great co-working spots. 

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