5 Most Popular Destinations for Travel From Oslo


Copenhagen. Credit: Pixabay

Located in the beautiful country of Norway, the city of Oslo offers a perfect blend of rich traditions and modern culture. However, Oslo is not just a tourist destination in itself. It is also a great starting point for exploring other fascinating destinations nearby. If you’re a fan of pokies, you can enjoy your favourite pokie games while visiting these places. From classic 3-reel pokies to the latest online pokies sites with exciting bonus features. You can read about many operators that offer a convenient and entertaining way to play from the comfort of your own home.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is among the best day trip from Oslo options. The city is a truly underrated gem, offering pure Scandinavian charm. If you’re planning your journey there from Oslo, you have multiple options to reach your destination. Firstly, you could hop on a direct flight to Copenhagen. On the other hand, you could take a train ride that takes you through wonderful landscapes, allowing you to soak in the beauty of Scandinavia along the way. Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy playing pokies and unwind during your time in Denmark, pokie apps would be an excellent option for exploring the world of online casinos. With convenience and security, these real money pokies app offers have gained significant popularity among gamblers because they allow you to win additional funds for the opportunity to play games. Pokies app offers a reliable platform for players to place bets on a diverse range of video pokies. But the city still has a lot of entertainment that you can enjoy.

Copenhagen’s numerous attractions include the charming Nyhavn Canal district, the iconic Little Mermaid statue, and the Tivoli Gardens amusement park. As for entertainment, Copenhagen also has a vibrant casino scene. Consider visiting Casino Copenhagen, where you can enjoy a range of table games, or pokies.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm. Credit: Pixabay

If you looking for a stunning travel destination from Oslo, look no further than Stockholm. The beautiful capital of Sweden blends modern architecture with a history dating back to the 13th century. You can reach Stockholm from Oslo via a direct flight, train ride, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, travel by bus. Nevertheless, flying from Oslo to Stockholm is the most convenient option out of the bunch. With numerous airlines offering direct flights in under an hour. Alternatively, enjoy a comfortable train ride that takes about 5 hours.

Once there, be sure to explore Stockholm’s many attractions. Such include the Old Town’s picturesque cobbled streets, restaurants, and shops, or visit the must-see Vasa Museum, home to a well-preserved 17th-century warship.

When it comes to entertainment options, Stockholm has plenty to offer gambling enthusiasts. Consider playing in a landbased casino at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm. There, you can enjoy various table games like blackjack, roulette, punto banco, as well as pokies.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a gem in the Baltic region. Offering a refreshing and unique travel experience, this city should be at the top of your travel list. From Oslo, you can either take a direct flight, as the fastest option, it takes approximately four hours. Still, you could opt for one of the weekend trips from Oslo, which takes around 16 hours and provides a breathtaking experience of the beautiful Baltic Sea.

Once you arrive in Tallinn, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the charming medieval Old Town, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you’re keen on gambling, then heading over to the Olympic Park Casino is the way to go. This modern casino features a plethora of exciting games such as pokies and table games. The venue is known for hosting poker tournaments frequently, attracting many attendees.

Riga, Latvia

Riga, the enchanting capital of Latvia, has stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, and a rich culture awaiting your arrival. By flying from Oslo to Riga, your travel time will be a mere two hours. However, if you’re looking to stretch your budget and embrace a bit of adventure, hopping on a bus can be a more economical choice. Although it does take around 11-12 hours.

Once you set foot in Riga, prepare to be enthralled by the charm of its historic Old Town. Cobblestone streets, vibrant facades, and inviting cafes are all over the place. But the city has more than just aesthetic appeal.

But what truly makes Riga a captivating destination for entertainment seekers is its vibrant casino scene. Among the array of options, the Royal Casino stands out as one of the best landbased casino venues in the region. Guests can enjoy slot machines in a landbased casino as well as exceptional service, among other gaming options.

Helsinki, Finland

Embark on a thrilling journey from Oslo to the city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Known for its architecture, amazing design, and world-renowned saunas, Helsinki awaits you just a short flight away. With a mere 1.5-hour flight time, you will be there in a flash.

Prepare for the abundance of attractions that Helsinki has to offer. Be sure to visit the Helsinki Cathedral or Temppeliaukio Church. Another must-visit is Esplanadi Park. Not forgetting the art enthusiasts, Helsinki boasts several art museums, including the esteemed Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art.

For entertainment, your best shot in Helsinki lies with the iconic Casino Helsinki, the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers. The venue boasts over 300 pokie machines, 20 captivating table games, and an expansive thousand square meters of floor space.

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