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What was your first memorable CrossFit experience?
Getting my first unassisted pull up was probably the most memorable. I’ve always played sports (soccer and softball) but never really worked out in a gym and never even attempted a pull up so gaining enough upper body strength to do one felt amazing! It’s so crazy to think how far I have come. When I started I could barely snatch an empty barbell!

Favorite lift/movement:
Squat Clean

Least favorite lift/movement:
Overhead Squat

Why do you do CrossFit?
Crossfit is more than just a workout for me to stay fit. It’s about community, team environment, and competition. There aren’t many other sports that provide the same atmosphere. I love that I can’t wait to get to the gym. It tests me every single

Who would you recommend CrossFit to?
Anyone and everyone! That is the great thing about Crossfit, anyone can do it. Everything can be modified to fit someone’s needs.

What does Double Edge mean to you?
It’s hard to put into words what Double Edge means to me. It’s honestly one of the best CrossFit gyms I have been a part of. The programming from Jacob is top notch. Doing CrossFit for so long I definitely hit a plateau but when I started at Double Edge it completely reignited my love for CrossFit. I have hit so many PRs since being a part of the gym and working with Jacob that I never thought was possible. I am forever grateful, it’s where I met Ryan (my boyfriend) and so many friends. It is so inviting to new members and we just have the best community.

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