Walking Wellness


Join us starting September 1 and experience the benefits of a group outdoor walk with our complimentary, trainer-led Walking Wellness sessions offered all month long. The health benefits of walking are endless and adding walking into your routine can greatly improve your physical and mental health! Each session includes a 20-minute walk with a wellness-focused discussion, followed by a 10-minute recovery period back at the club. 
Walking Wellness educational discussions will include:
  • Exercise Snacking – short bouts of physical activity incorporated into your daily routine, just like a healthy snack throughout the day. Exercise snacking involves breaking up your exercise into smaller, manageable chunks, making it easier to fit physical activity and its health benefits into your busy schedule.
  • Sleep – sleep is a fundamental process that plays a crucial role in your health, allowing the body to repair and rejuvenate itself.​
  • Stress Management – stress is a natural response to the demands and pressures of life. While some level of stress can be motivating, excessive or chronic stress can have negative effect on your physical and mental well-being.
  • Habit Stacking – habit stacking is a productivity and behavior change technique that involves linking a new habit you want to adopt with an existing habit that you already do consistently.
  • Hydration – water is essential for maintaining your body’s functions and overall well-being, and it’s important to listen to your body and make hydration a priority.

Back Bay Sessions:

  • Mondays @ 5pm with Jacky
  • Thursdays @ 7:30am with Megan

Cambridge Sessions:

  • Sundays @ 9am with Sarah
  • Thursdays @ 6pm with Natalie

Coolidge Corner Sessions:

  • Mondays @ 3pm with Liz
  • Tuesdays @ 6am with Kelley
  • Wednesdays @ 12pm with Christina
  • Fridays @ 11:30am with Shoshana
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Please note there will be no sessions on Labor Day Monday.

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