Isela Aguilera


Isela Aguilera


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What was your first memorable CrossFit experience?
My first day at Double Edge was the most memorable for me. Walking in with no experience, not knowing anybody and struggling with every movement, it was the most intimidating day. After that first day, there was no looking back. With the help of the coaches, the encouragement of the 6 p.m. class and all of the DE members, I continue to grow, improve and have fun!

Favorite lift/movement:
Squat Clean or Power Snatch

Least favorite lift/movement:

Why do you do CrossFit?
I do CrossFit because it challenges me to improve myself everyday.

Who would you recommend CrossFit to?
To anybody who wants to better themselves physically and mentally. CrossFit welcomes all new members.

What does Double Edge mean to you?
Double Edge has many meanings to me. When I look at the Double Edge logo, I see hard-work, self improvement, sweat, friends and family. I believe all Double Edge members would agree with me. We all wear Double Edge merchandise with pride because Double Edge is more than just a gym.

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