Brandon Carlson


Brandon Carlson


CrossFitting since:

What was your first memorable CrossFit experience?
It’s got to be either, 1) Dropping an empty bar bell my first class. The whole class stopped, turned, and stared at me like I just killed their cat. Or 2) Not knowing the assault bikes were adjustable. I went a few weeks riding what I thought were little tiny CrossFit bikes. Finally someone came over and set me up correctly. Man did I feel dumb!

Favorite lift/movement:
Any pull up variation and power snatches. Before I started CrossFit, I could not do one pull up. So it feels damn good to be able to get up and down on a pull up bar, always reminds me of progress. Equally favorite are power snatches. Don’t know why exactly, just like throwing stuff up and down I guess.

Lease favorite lift/movement:
Burpees followed closely by the assault bike, followed closely by running.

Why do you do CrossFit?
CrossFit (DE and certain DE Members) force me to do movements and workouts that I would never do on my own, which are areas you generally need the most improvement in and are the most beneficial for you. It takes the guess work out of your fitness programming. It also can be highly competitive, which I love. You track progress, improvement, and benchmarks. There is a great team atmosphere that pushes you every day. People have different areas of expertise or strengths for certain movements, which makes everyone better across the board. CrossFit is a well-round-ed variety of fitness, surrounded with high performing people, and it never gets boring.

Who would you recommend CrossFit to?
Anyone who needs a change physically or mentally. Anyone who is competitive. Any former athlete in any capacity. Anyone who needs a supportive system or environment to increase accountability.

What does Double Edge mean to you?
I have told the coaches this, and any new member that may be trying things out, that DE is hands down the best gym I have ever been to. Not only for the fitness portion, but the camaraderie that you build, the coaching that you receive, and the personal achievements you make. The motivation that is provided being surrounded by so many high performing people trying to accomplish similar goals is astounding. It is also as much as of a mental outlet and recalibration as it is physical. DE has become an integral part of my routine, and wouldn’t change it for the world!

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