Mental Health Awareness Month 2023


This May, we’re all about finding joy in movement for your mental health, and when we move intentionally, we feel more loving, positive and confident.

There is almost an 100% positive association between physical activity or exercise and mental health. Exercise has also been shown to increase self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-acceptance and self-concept. Movement, joy, energy and wellness are at the core of everything we do at Healthworks and all month, we invite you to join us in celebration and community to experience the immediate benefits of movement.

Mental Health Awareness Week: join us and bring friends May 16-18 for enhanced classes geared to help reduce stress, build confidence and find connection through movement. Class bookings open May 9!

Get Outdoors: outdoor workouts or walks in fresh air can help boost your mood, energy and increase serotonin, and with RUN + RESTORE launching in early May to kick off our HWX Summer Series, we’re making this one easy for you!

Prioritize the Recovery: with Theragun massagers, specialized massage therapy and our club spas, there’s so much your mind and body can benefit from. Read more here.

Take Time for Yourself: accept yourself as you are, only focus on what you can control, find what makes you happy, set realistic goals and boundaries, practice mindfulness and remember that you are never alone. Read more here.

Please always remember to put yourself first, listen to your mind and heart, and know you can reach out to us or others around you if you need help or support. You are important, loved and valued.

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