Dance Brings Out A Better, Smarter, Healthier You!


Like all forms of physical fitness, dance is an exceptional way to get healthy and stay healthy, whether you are 10 or 100 years old. The health benefits of dance are so numerous and exciting that we just have to share some with you!

Dance Can Improve Focus

One of the best benefits our students and coworkers cite regularly from their dancing is the ability to focus effectively on all sorts of tasks, both physical and non-physical. The amount of coordination and control you have to exercise to dance well is as mental as it is physical, and that mental training carries over exceptionally well to many other aspects of life. Students from across the country have reported an increase in their focus and ability to work efficiently at their jobs after just a few months of classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Dance Can Reduce the Effects of Aging

Due to the variety of mental and physical aspects involved in dancing, it can be a great tool for preventing the onset of disabilities and mental degradation as you age. A 2018 study conducted by Japanese scientists followed a large population of elderly women and discovered that regular dancing was the exercise type most strongly related to persistent health and mental vigor late into old age. The women who danced recreationally as a regular part of their day remained active, independent, and mentally sharp throughout the course of the study and beyond. Truly incredible!

Dance Can Build Trust and Intimacy

Dancing with a partner or partners is a huge part of the experience of dancing as a whole. The intricate dance of trust and effort required to dance any partner style can be incredibly effective in bringing people together as teammates, friends, and even romantic partners. We love the camaraderie that our classes create, and we are proud to know that by sharing the gift of dance we can bring people closer to each other.

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