Home Workouts: Setting up an Ultimate Home Gym


While on the face of it things are relaxed, the fear of covid still hovers in our head. Fitness is surely not a priority deal when it comes to going out. Add to it going to a Fitness studio where we share the same equipment, space and breathe deep into our lungs, it’s still a tricky question. Covid19 has forced all of us to stay home and for all fitness lovers the small are in the room, balcony or terrace was the only space left to workout. Water Jars, Household weights, Stairs, Sofas we used them all to put in the work we needed to stay fit.

It’s no surprise when the lockdown was lifted and e-commerce started delivering products, dumbbells became as scarce as floor mops. Millions of people ordered whatever they could accommodate in their home space. Companies became innovative and the slightest of alteration that could reduce the size or wrap the product into smaller compartment was done. On the funny side, many who didn’t ever re-rack at the fitness centres suddenly started packing the gear to accommodate them in the right spot. While Pandemic is slowly on its way out, many are planning to continue exercising from their home, minimizing the unnecessary outside interaction to stay safe while saving some fees and time from their visit to fitness centres.

Here are several advantages and disadvantages we saw while exercising at home:

PRO’s: –

  1. There is literally no schedule. Lunch, Late night, early morning; whenever you get time the ring is all yours.
  2. There no travel, parking, Bag placement time. Merely 5 mins to start and 5 mins to close in between the workouts.
  3. You sneak in your workout during work times where your presence is just theoretical.
  4. It saves you on membership fees which can eventually cover the equipment cost once made.
  5. If Justin Bieber is not your type, nobody can force it upon you.

CON’s: –

  1. You need to have space/room-specific space for this activity. it becomes tedious to push the couch and align it back daily.
  2. Equipment is expensive. You surely cant replace a Heavy lifter load at a fitness facility, with something at home. It’s a trade-off and you have to accept it.
  3. With no public interaction, you might miss out on motivation for this altogether.
  4. You need space to park the equipment if it’s foldable or in a somewhat handy setup.
  5. The neighbors or family might have some serious issues with this.

It largely comes down to space you have at your place. If you happen to have a wide area outside your home or a terrace; you just need to procure stuff you like forget the rest. You can have a larger set of equipment and literally push in everything from weights to cardio. For those who have smaller space you need to be tech-savvy and a little accommodating. Here’s a snapshot of my handy pull-up bar that fills in for all my shoulder routine. Pull-ups, chin-ups, calisthenics, back workout; this one came in a handy buy and literally helped me save on a set of equipment.


Pull-up Bar
Pull-Up Bar

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Here are some tips to make your home workout space better and brighter: –

  • Work with the space.

Not everyone owns a mansion. In all honesty large population of millennials working in a metro city generally have some area around the drawing-room, or probably a balcony or a terrace at maximum. Finding a vacant area all by itself is a literal luxury. When the space is limited you need to pick out the stuff you can accommodate at your home. Push-up and pull-up equipment come in handy, dumbbells take less space, door and wall mounted stuff can be accommodated, yoga and calisthenics also come in a handy option.

  • Equipment’s

In all honesty with slim being the parameter of fitness for many, it’s tempting to buy a treadmill or a cross trainer. But starting off with basics is a much better option before digging deep in your pocket. Wear and tear on Dumbbells, Barbells a or for that matter benches is generally pretty low, unless you are making someone dance on it for no reason. Scout for used products in the fitness category always, its best to get a feel of space and area before going in for a completely new set.

One you are set with your equipment and space its time to add tech and advanced equipment’s to your area. These add diversity to your workouts and give you motivation to keep going while you workout alone.

  • Avoid Gimmicks

fitness gimmicksSauna belts, body shakers, twisters that promise instant gratification are totally not worth it. If you are longing to be fit, take it as a lifestyle and spend your time in worthy things. All these products make hefty claims and the results are gone faster than flash.

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