Calm Wedding Dance Jitters With Spotlight-Worthy Moves


Your wedding is a day you hope to remember fondly for the rest of your life, but if something goes wrong, it can easily mar your big day. Take it from the folks who’ve been there for countless couples — your wedding is not something you want to mess up. But many people might not even realize they’re making mistakes in preparing for one of their biggest moments: the wedding dance. What follows are tips on what to do and what not to do when planning for the first dance. These expert tips were learned from years of teaching couples to dance, choreographing stunning routines and watching with pride as newlywed couples impressed their friends and family on the dance floor.

Make it a Date Night!


“My best tip is to use your lessons as date nights to get away from the stress of wedding planning. It’s the one thing you get to do with each other that’s fun and truly strengthens your bond! I think the biggest mistake you could make is only practicing your first dance. It’s best to learn your first dance plus a few other basics of other popular social dances so you can bust a move all night long on your special day!” – Ria DeSoto, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Long Grove

Plan Ahead!

“The best time to start is six months ahead. Be careful when you’re picking a song, and make sure it is special to you and not what’s popular at the time. If you have the time to plan, it’s often fun to have your wedding party be a part of the dance, especially since you can earn free classes by bringing friends to lessons.

As far as what not to do, if you have special shoes, don’t wait until the actual event to dance in them for the first time — BLISTERS! Get white dance shoes for her and patent leather shoes for him – they are much more comfortable then wedding shoes and you can wear them after your big day is over. And here’s one you might not occur to you until it’s much too late: Don’t do your first dance during dinner! It’s not so nice to look at your guests stuffing their faces while you do your first dance.” – Clemens Lengenfelder, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of West Hartford

Keep an Open Mind


Students should be open-minded and flexible. Remember, the wedding is a time to have fun, so let go of the stress of micromanaging every detail. Choose music that will make for a more memorable and dynamic number, possibly blending two or three different songs together. Students should try not to feel too self-conscious. Just go for it and have fun even if you feel a little awkward. And finally, structure the choreography so that there is a great beginning, middle and end. – The professionals at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Redondo Beach

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Don’t you want to share a special moment on the dance floor with your brand new spouse? For more tips, and information about private and group lessons, contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios!

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