Vegan Macaroni Salad for Lunch


About Vegan Macaroni Salad

If you are a vegan and love to try new foods everyday then this Salad is for you. A perfect vegan lunch to fill your tummy without adding much fat on your belly. It is a flavorful and healthy fermented food that can be customized using different vegetables and add-ons.

This salad has macaroni as a basic ingredient, it’s very easy to cook, the add ons are optional, it’s kid-friendly and suitable for everybody who likes macaroni. this recipe is almost effortless. Try it for yourself!

List of Ingredients:

  1. 1 cups whole-wheat elbow macaroni (about 6 ounces)
  2. 1 cups frozen peas, thawed 1 cup thinly sliced celery
  3. 1 cup diced red bell pepper
  4. 1 cup thinly sliced scallions
  5. 1 cup vegan mayonnaise
  6. 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest
  7. 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  8. 1 teaspoon salt
  9. 1 teaspoon ground pepper

How to cook

  1. Cook pasta according to package directions.
  2. Drain, rinse with cold water, and drain well.
  3. Transfer to a large bowl.
  4. Add peas, celery, bell pepper, and scallions toss gently to combine.
  5. Combine mayonnaise, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a small bowl.
  6. Add the dressing to the pasta mixture; gently stir until thoroughly combined. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Cook Time: 20 Min
Calories: 185 per serve
Fat: 10.4
Carbs: 19.8
Protein: 4.5
Serve size: 4

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