A good back and hand positions


Hi my lovely dancers! 

Today I’m going to share with you some good tips in order to maintain a good back and hand positions. How do you recognize the look of a dancer? The incomparable support due to a muscular and supple back but also the dance up to the fingertips which enhances the movements. Dancing can help you to develop good habits at an early age. 

4 tips to protect your back 

Outside of dance classes, here are a few daily tips for maintaining good posture.
  • Avoid breaking your back when lacing your shoes. Put your foot on a chair or put one knee on the ground. 
  • Avoid the handbag and prefer the backpack in the upper back and pressed against your spine.
  • Always bend your knees when you pick something up off the ground, especially if it is heavy. 
  • When you sit down, sit at the bottom of your chair with your back against the backrest on both your buttocks and both shoulders at the same height. Stretch yourself regularly at home. 


Dance helps you grow up well

A complete physical activity, dance works the back from the pelvis to the top of the skull. She learns to stand up straight, to lie down, to grow. How many times have you heard your teacher tell you to straighten your back, tuck your stomach in and lower your shoulders? Repeatedly, this good posture becomes a habit. Dance teaches you good body positioning, especially of the spine, which is the backbone of your skeleton. 

Dancing to your fingertips

At first, when you learn to dance, you concentrate so much on your feet and legs that you forget your hands. Tight on the bar, stiffened, fingers spread out in all directions, you can see all kinds of colours! Expressive hands as an extension of a beautiful arm bearing, that’s the signature of a real dancer! You have to work on the suppleness and elegance of your hands. Begin by tucking your thumbs in towards the palm of your hand, always break your wrist slightly, as if you wanted a drop to flow from your shoulder to the palm of your hand. Concentrate on the wrists, they are the ones that give life and suppleness to your hands. 

A little anecdote: choreographer Trisha Brown has created a solo If You Couldn’t See Me, danced entirely with her back to the audience. 

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