Fall Fashion & Eye Care


As we make the full transition into warm sweaters and heavier jackets protect to our bodies from the cooler temperatures and change of season, it also is the perfect time to think about investing in quality sunglasses and eyewear.

In the past, as the days got colder, I would instantly think it was time to start putting my sunglasses away and have them re-emerge once the temperatures started increasing again.

But over this past year working with the, I’ve learned the benefits of keeping sunglasses part of my fall/winter styling routine.

We have all had the moments of driving in the winter where it feels as though the sun is attacking our eyes through the snow, ice and water glare of the roads. This glare is not only frustrating to drive in, it also can cause headaches, blurry vision, and long-term damage to our eyes.

Along with protecting our eyes from the glare, sunglasses also provide protection from elements such as wind-blown particles, dust, and prevent our eyes from drying out.  Choosing quality sunglasses that fit well, are suited for your lifestyle, and work with your individual style are not just a great choice for the health of your eyes but can also add the perfect touch to your fall/winter style. With the help of the Iris team, I found the perfect sunglasses to fit not only my active lifestyle, but also my to-and-from Mom looks.

If you’re looking for some suggestions or would like to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, head to your local IRIS or head to iris.ca to check out their selection.

You can also check out my IRIS highlights on my Instagram for some of my favourite styles.

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