What it’s Like to Dance 11 Years


As you know, I have been a dancer for a long time, and this past year was my 11th year dancing. Throughout the years, I have made many memories, became friends with many people, and grew as a dancer and person.

There are too many fun memories to count from dance. I was able to meet new teachers and have fun on stage. Since I started dancing, I have had 6 different teachers over the years. Each teacher taught me new things about dance and life lessons.

Dance has also given me many new friends who I love seeing in the studio, on stage, and even outside of dance. Having friends with me when I am dancing is always a blast!

Dance alone has taught me many new lessons. I learned about accepting the fact that everyone is at a different level. I learned the only way to achieve your goals is to work hard every day. I learned how to be a better person and enjoy myself on stage all because of dance. (:

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