Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines of July 2018 – APAC


We know how tricky writing subject lines can be. We “email professors” at Revinate University combed through countless emails to uncover subject line insights to help inspire your next campaigns.

To help you come up with your subject lines for next month, we’re bringing you the best-performing subject lines achieved by our APAC hotel customers in July 2017. Check out our top five below:


Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines of July 2018 - APAC


1. Subject line: Your Perfect Summer Getaway

Open rate: 32%

Why we love it: “Perfect” is a powerful word to use, and recipients want to know what makes it so.


2. Subject line: Book now to celebrate #NDP2017 in style.

Open rate: 28%

Why we love it: “Book now” creates a sense of urgency, and hotels should always market their property during special events.


3. Subject line: Shh… Don’t miss out on our exclusive secret deal in August!

Open rate: 22%

Why we love it: “Exclusive secret deal” makes people curious. They want to be part of something special.


4. Subject line: Hi [GUEST FIRST NAME], We have special offers only for you in August. Get it now!

Open rate: 21%

Why we love it: Does a great job of personalizing the subject line and making the guest feel exclusive and see the value.


5. Subject line: Your Paradise on Earth is here

Open rate: 19%

Why we love it: “Your Paradise” is unique to each person, making it more relevant and the recipient more curious.


That’s a wrap on the top hotel marketing subject lines for July, based on Revinate’s APAC customer data. We’ll be back next month with the top subject lines for August to inspire your next batch of campaigns. Now go on and get writing!

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